Special Event Food Truck Booking Request
All food truck events MUST be coordinated through the Aramark Truck representative.  Please complete this form for a food truck booking request to be processed.
• Aramark must have 3 weeks notification prior to the date of the event to coordinate with the vendors.
• $500 minimum in sales per truck – If minimum is not met booking client pays the difference. This revenue is typical for approx. 3hrs of service. The truck and client will be in contact to discuss overall sales. Food trucks will handle all billing with clients. 
• Approx. 2 truck for every 300-500 people in attendance one savory and one sweet/coffee/beverage truck– If additional variety is desired this can be arranged. Minimums per truck still apply.  
• Pre-Pay events are available – this can be discussed through Aramark with the trucks on an individual basis. Price will depend on menu offered, servings, how long at the event. Vendor will be responsible to track sales and report to Aramark.
• Any location on campus that is outside of the normal Risk Management  approved food truck locations needs to be approved through UNLV  Risk Management and will need to be coordinated through the event planner for the event or your EC through Event Services office (approximate time frame 4-6 weeks for approval)

Once you send in your request you will have a representative reach out to you within 48-72 hours.
The time you want the Food Truck to be open for service.
Please provide a first, second, and third choice.
*How will your guests by paying?
(There is a $.50 - $1 per voucher processing fee to cover the cost of printing the vouchers. $1 if less than 100 vouchers and $.50 if more than 100.)