Meal Plan Change Form

Meal Plan Change Policy
Meal plan changes result in either a charge or a refund. If the result is a refund, you may add it to Express, Flex, or have it refunded to your Bursar account.
The Residential College meal plan is required for all residents of the Residential College. Changes in a meal plan resulting in a lesser plan are allowed only through the end of the first two weeks of the semester, with charges prorated accordingly. No late requests will be considered or exceptions made. Once fees are assessed, the first change is processed at no charge. A change fee of $25 is assessed for additional changes. Adjustments for usage from the previous plan will be made to the new meal plan, Flex, or Ole Miss Express. If no meals or funds are available for adjustments, the Bursar account will be billed for previous plan usage, in addition to the new meal plan. All refunds are subject to approval and require a $20 processing fee or a percentage penalty, depending on the date of request, which is deducted from the member’s remaining balance, or refund. Any refund due above the processing fee, or penalty, will first be applied to unpaid balances on Bursar account. Refunds normally take approximately 10‐14 days. 
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