ALL members holding a semester meal plan in the fall semester will be automatically assessed for the same meal plan in the spring semester, regardless of Greek affiliation or classification, unless a refund request or meal plan change request is approved to cancel. 
All freshmen assessed for housing are required to purchase a semester meal plan BOTH Fall and Spring semesters of their freshman year, regardless of Greek affiliation.  If a meal plan is not selected, the minimum required meal plan will be automatically assessed. The RC Unlimited Plus One meal plan is required for all residents of the Residential College, regardless of classification.
For a list of meal plans, including those that meet the resident freshman requirement, visit, and select the “meal plans/freshman resident meal plans” tabs.  
Freshmen who are a part of a group or activity such as a fraternity or sorority that requires participation in a separate meal program may purchase a Greek meal plan, offered in the spring semester only. Proof of organization affiliation is required for change to be approved.  Changes from any meal plan to the Greek meal plan are allowed only through the end of the first three weeks of the spring semester.
Changes in a meal plan resulting in a lesser plan are allowed only through the end of the first three weeks of fall and spring semester, with charges prorated accordingly.  Changes must be submitted to the ID Center in writing or at before the change deadline to be considered. This includes changes to the Greek meal plan in the spring. No late requests will be considered or exceptions made due to late acceptance into organization.  Once fees are assessed, the first change is done at no charge.  A change fee of $25 is assessed for additional changes.  Adjustments, for usage from the previous plan, will be made to the new meal plan, Flex, or Ole Miss Express.  If meals or funds are not available for these adjustments, the Bursar account will be billed for usage, in addition to the new meal plan.
Meal plans may not be accessed through the participant’s ID card until one business day before the first day of class, provided that registration has been completed and processed.
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