MUN - Boxed Lunch Request Form - Fresh Food Company (R. Gushue Dining Hall)

How it Works

  • A boxed lunch must be ordered by 9:00 am previous day and picked up by 6:30 pm on the date required.  We are unable to process box lunches for the next day which have been submitted beyond the noted deadline.
  • A boxed lunch request cannot be made in addition to a meal swipe therefore only one lunch will be provided per student per day.  If you require multiple boxed meals per day due to multiple missed meal periods please discuss this with the on-site manager.
  • Please note that items listed below may be substituted without notice if not available in our kitchen at time of preparation.  
  • Orders placed and not picked up result in food waste.  If this occurs multiple times please understand that your account will be flagged until the matter is resolved.