2018-2019 Commuter Student Meal Plans
Add, Drop, or Change Meal Plan Request Form

Commuter Student Meal Plans
Drop, Add or Change Request Form

This Longwood University Meal Plan Contract is for Commuter Students and covers one semester. It is the students responsibility to change or drop their plan, prior to the deadline.

**If you live in an apartment community managed by Longwood University, do NOT complete this form. Please log in to the Student Housing Gateway to manage your meal plan.**

Dropping or downgrading your meal plan?  Please see the deadlines below:
Fall 2018:  August 27, 2018 at 5:00 pm
Spring 2019: January 23, 2019 at 5:00 pm

Terms of the Commuter Student Meal Plan Contract:

  • Meal plans and Bonus Dollars are loaded onto your Lancer Card
  • Weekly meals are to be used within the Monday-Sunday week and will reset each Monday morning.  Unused meals do not carry over.  Use one of your 7 guest meals to treat a friend
  • Block meals are allotted all at once in the beginning of the semester to use however your wish. Unused meals do not carry over to the following semester.
  • Bonus Dollars will carry over from Fall to Spring, if a meal plan is purchased both semesters.
  • All meal plans are allotted on a semester basis and Bonus Dollars are valid until the end of semester exams.
  • Meals plans are non-transferable.
  • Bonus Dollars cannot be increased. Once Bonus Dollars are depleted, you can add money to Lancer CA$H to continue making purchases with your Lancer Card.
  • Commuter Students can add or upgrade their meal plan, but must pay full cost for the plan. Meal Plan charges will be added or adjusted on your student account and this process may take up to two business days from the time of submission.  Your meal plan will be active once you see the charges on your student account.
  • Commuter students may add meal plans at any time in the semester, but must pay full cost for the plan.
  • If a student drops or downgrades meal plan on or before semester deadline, student will be charged for spent Bonus Dollars plus prorated daily rate for meals.

    You can view your meal plan balance and transaction history online at

If you have any questions about your meal plan, please contact the Lancer Card Center at or 434-395-2715.

2018-2019 Plans and the cost per semester:

All Access + $225: $2,205.28/semester

Block 225 + $325: $1,845.20/semester

Block 160 + $350: $1,709.68/semester

Block 80 + $350: $1,035.44/semester

Block 40 + $200: $545.44/semester

* I am currently a commuter student, NOT living in Longwood managed Housing OR have already been released to live off campus for the 2018-2019 academic year.

* Meal Plan Begins:

* Current Dining Plan:

* The Plan I Desire:

Electronic Signature (type in your full name):
By typing your full name you are accepting these terms.