Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 Resident Meal Plan Change, Commuter Meal Plan Purchase, and Dining Dollar Purchase Request

All meal plan change requests submitted after the end of the Add/Drop period must be approved by the Director of Auxiliary Services. You may increase your meal plan options or dining dollars at any time.

Meal plans are for each semester. At the end of the term, unused meals and flex dollars are removed. A new plan is added at the start of the next semester. (Any resident earning less than 60 hours are required to have a meal plan).  Block plans reset at the end of each semester and meals not used will be forfeit. 

Dining dollars can be added at any time of the academic year. You may add any amount in increments of $50.00.

*Change request for:
(First, Middle, Last)
*Select your current Meal Plan:
Canes Bronze (10 Meals per week + $450 flex dollars) $1765 per term
Canes Silver (15 Meals per week +  $400 flex dollars) $1865 per term
Canes Gold (Unlimited Meals per week + $300 flex dollars) $1970 per term
Block 40 (40 Meals + $450 flex dollars) $790 per term
Block 80 (80 Meals + $300 flex dollars) $875 per term
I would like to change my Meal Plan to:
(You may add any amount in increments of $50.00)
I have carefully reviewed this electronic application for accuracy.  I understand that with this submission, I am committing to a financial obligation to Georgia Southwestern State University and I authorize my student account to be changed accordingly to reflect this request.  
By typing your full name you are accepting these terms.