CAB 125 - Booking Form

The CAB 125 space is a unique venue for students, faculty and staff to use that can be reserved for special events. The CAB 125 space is primarily used as a dining venue, however with prior approval it can be sectioned off and reserved by groups. Reservations for this space are prioritized as follows:

a. Campus Dining Services Events
b. RD/RA organized housing social events
c. Student Groups
d. All other events

Generally, the room can only be reserved from 3pm - 11pm, Monday to Friday and 9am-11pm Saturday and Sunday. We do not take advanced reservations (reservations must be made in the same quarter as the event) without prior approval by the Catering Director,

Special set up. The room is set up for dining. If you want tables removed or configured in a certain way, please specify here. *(note there is a charge to have the room set up to pay for labor for this service if you are not ordering food. See below for more information.):
Additional Information:

Fees & Regulations

There is no fee to reserve the room. There is a $50 non-refundable fee for set up of this space if you require a special set up (tables removed, etc.) and an additional $25 fee for the use of the AV equipment. Upon receiving your reservation request you will need to provide a budget number so that billing can be approved. After you make a reservation request Campus Dining Services will respond to you with an email which contains a confirmation for your room request and information on the payment process if applicable.

If the organization reserving the room orders over $250 worth of food from Campus Dining Services the set up of the room fee may be waved. Please state in "Additional Comments" if you plan on ordering food. 

If the room is being reserved outside of normal Greenery hours, keys will be available through the Greenery Office in the CAB room 129.

Keys can be checked out for the CAB 125 space in the morning prior to the event and must be returned to the key drop box at the rear of the CAB 125 room after the event end.

Organizations may be charged a $50 late fee every 24 hours ($50 minimum) for keys are not returned within 24 hours of the end of the event

Cleaning Guidelines
The CAB 125 space should be returned to the condition that it was in upon using the space. If tables are moved they should be returned to their original location. All items brought into the space should be removed by the reserving organization at the end of each event (garbage, food, equipment, etc.)

If there are items that are damaged or broken when you arrive to set up your event contact the Greenery Office immediately (with in the first 30 minutes of your reservation) at x6281. Failure to contact Campus Dining Service about previously existing issues will indicate that the room was in clean and usable condition when you arrived.

If the CAB 125 space is left in a condition other than its original condition you will be charged a fee equal to the overtime pay of all staff that must clean and/or reset up the room. You are responsible for all items in the room during your event (AV equipment, tables, chairs, etc.) and will be charged for any damages beyond normal wear and tear that may occur during your event.

I agree to these terms and conditions.